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The items in the catalogue are all one-off, individual pieces unless stated otherwise. Where a quantity option is available for certain items, appearances may vary slightly. The handmade nature of my work means there will always be some slight variation.

Shipping and Returns
Orders can be shipped to the UK and overseas to Europe and the rest of the world - please bear in mind you may incur additional charges for overseas orders. In most cases orders will be shipped via Royal Mail, and the shipping fee will be calculated at checkout. Nearly all my packaging is repurposed and sourced from local businesses to reduce my impact on the environment.
All sales are seen as final, and return requests are not accepted once an order has been placed and paid for. If you receive broken or the wrong items, please get in touch here, or contact me through email at with photos of the items, so that a refund or replacement can be arranged.

My work is handmade which it means it is more susceptible to chipping when compared to mass-produced ceramics. With this in mind, extra care is advised. Washing by hand is always the best option, however where specified, they can go in the dishwasher and microwave. Lighter coloured items, especially matte glazes can discolour over time, it helps to wash things quickly after use and avoid harsh staining liquids and foods. 
For any queries, please get in touch.

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